Hi, I’m Jane Eslinger, I adore collecting vintage and costume jewelry – especially the sort of jewelry your Aunt Verne from Jersey would’ve wanted after she moved to Vegas. You know, a little splashy, a lot of glam.

You can reach me at


High St in Bath, mid-coast Maine

You can visit over on my Instagram account ( @neilsoneslinger) where I post on about art, vintage and costume jewelry, life on the mid-coast of Maine, dogs I have loved, beautiful Reid State Park and on and on…….follow if you like.

You can also check on my ‘events’ page, where I list the shows and fairs that I’m doing over the next few weeks. Besides all the jewelry, in my booth there’ll be some other fun vintage accessories, like hankies, purses, and sweet little jewelry boxes to put your treasures in. Come and say hello!

Perfect pin for the patio party