Welcome to On a Paper Road

It’s the New Year, and the beginning of a new decade – an auspicious time indeed to reflect and take stock of where I am and what I’m doing. A good time to think about what matters deeply, and question what doesn’t seem to fit anymore. What might I be willing to let go? Are there other paths that might be more in line with heart and soul? Where am I draining creatively, and what would it feel like to trust in a change of focus? Unsettling? Perhaps, but a step or two along the path of authenticity, and that feels good.

What I’ve seen is that my old love of paper and book arts is beckoning, and I have chosen to say yes. Yes! There’s so much to revisit and explore here: origami, linoleum block printing, my love of Ukiyo-e and Japanese woodblock prints, haiku, photography – where slowing down to the speed of noticing is a good thing. Making traditional bound and artist books, and of course little ‘democratic multiples’ to share and trade. On a Paper Road mixes together all these elements, and more.

On a Paper Road is a play on three things: the fact that a paper road runs alongside our house here in Bath, that our lives unfold one step at a time and often on unexpected paths, and the Japanese haiku poet Basho’s lovely account of a five month journey called The Narrow Road to the Interior.

I look forward to walking this paper road with you.

My first event for On a Paper Road is the Book Arts Bazaar at USM, Sunday April 5, 10-3